Chicago Tribune reports on concerns about kids’ CT scans An important tale, well told with the Tribune and veteran article writer Judith Graham. Medical imaging can be an incredible tool which allows doctors to create diagnoses, select optimum treatments and conserve lives, they state. These include changing CT scanner configurations for smaller body, imaging just those areas under medical analysis and using various other assessments, such as for example ultrasounds and MRIs, whenever possible . Yet complications remain. Some clinics and freestanding imaging centers continue steadily to administer adult-size dosages of rays to children, professionals report.


On our 12th anniversary, we introduce a new series: patient harm from misleading media Click to start to see the complete seriesApril 17, 2018 can be our 12th wedding anniversary of daily posting.From enough time we launched 12 years back, we’ve been concerned about the real harm that you can do to some sufferers from deceptive media messages. Our task may be the only 1 in the U perhaps.S. That delivers everyone the tools to safeguard themselves from misinformation.By demonstrating how exactly we evaluate proof once we analyze information tales and PR information produces critically, we show people how they are able to hone their own critical thinking. In that description we include information stories, marketing and/or marketing promotions, public relations attempts, text messages disseminated by conflicted individual advocacy groups, well-known books, magazines, chat shows, journal posting methods – any broadly distributed moderate or format that may reach large servings of the populace.The harm occurs when people believe and act on what they read or hear in imbalanced, inaccurate, misleading and incomplete information.Share your story Mass media messages could cause real injury to real people.Our staff is a lot smaller sized and our concentrate will end up being narrower – not about patient damage from healthcare interventions, but individual harm that occurred due to misinformation in a few of the true ways described above.