The Chaz Lodge is surrounded by endless miles of sawgrass marsh, towering palms, mature cedars and a pristine spring-fed river with access to the Gulf. Not only is this a beautiful place to just get away to enjoy the peace and quiet, it’s a hunting and fishing lodge and puts you up close with nature. We make it easy to explore and you can really get to know the area. Historic scenic river eco-tours, kayaking, canoeing, group parties and on-site weddings are also available.

Lodge Lodge


Chassahowitzka Lodge

The Chaz Lodge is located three miles into the beautiful Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge. It places you right in the middle of one of the most pristine environments on the Nature Coast. Take a look at some videos from Chassahowitzka. Our lodge can accommodate groups as large as 50 people and sleep 12 people overnight. We feature an on-site shooting range, gourmet prepared meals, indoor meeting areas and outdoor decks for viewing the sunrise and sunset. Read more about facilities at Chaz Lodge or call us.

Lodge Lodge


Chaz Lodge

Chassahowitzka Fishing

Custom-designed boats and years of experience enable you to enjoy numerous fishing opportunities on the Chassahowitzka River flats and the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Professional fishing guides will navigate through the shallow waters of the Chassahowitzka River to find redfish, trout, tarpon, snook, sheepshead, grouper and bass. View more information about Chassahowitzka fishing.

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Chassahowitzka Hunting

Deer, wild hog, turkey and waterfowl top our guest’s lists for hunting pleasure. View more information about Chassahowitzka hunting.

Chaz Hunting

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Contact us or complete the online reservation form for reservations or to get more information. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to talking with you about your next Chassahowitzka adventure.

Some hospitals have already been targeting the attacks that Medicare not merely penalizes but also publicizes in its Hospital Review website. UCSF, for example, said it’s been centered on reducing medical site attacks and C-diff instances. As the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services had tweaked its options for assessing obligations, a healthcare facility industry continued to be displeased using the core design of the charges. Congress decreed that Medicare penalize the worst-performing one fourth of general private hospitals each complete season, guaranteeing that a lot more than about 750 private hospitals lose cash every complete calendar year even if indeed they experienced improved their safety details. In some full cases, the difference between penalized hospitals and the ones that escaped punishment was negligible, said Nancy Foster, vice president for quality and patient safety on the American Hospital Association. Continue reading

People make reference to the discomfort as the sort of discomfort they experience if they deliver a kid or possess a kidney rock.Zostavax was approved by the FDA in 2006 and continues to be the only vaccine for shingles as yet. It really is a live vaccine and certified for sufferers 60 and old, based on the FDA.Shingrix is a non-live vaccine using recombinant antigens and adjuvants to improve defense response. Friedland said examining from the vaccine demonstrated 90 percent efficiency in avoiding the advancement of shingles more than a four-year period.Following: Differences versus Zostavax.. New shingles vaccine approved, recommended highly by ACIP Clinicians have got a fresh method to combat shingles right now, as well as the vaccine continues to be listed as the most well-liked choice over it is predecessor by in least one federal government agency. Continue reading

It really is designed for companies but most of his individuals who’ve the program got it as people. Lamberts decided it made feeling to charge a variety of fees-from $30 per month for the youngest sufferers to $60 for the oldest. About 15 percent to 20 percent of his sufferers are included in Medicare, which he provides opted out of to allow them to be charged by him only monthly.To greatly help patients who’ve to spend of pocket, either because zero insurance is had by them or who’ve high deductible plans and also have not however met their deductible, he has shaped relationships with specialists, like a radiologist, who’ve agreed to find such individuals at discounted rates. He says these agreements can lead to cost savings of 80 percent to 90 percent, which occasionally copays for covered sufferers are actually greater than the negotiated low cost his practice will get for them.Individuals get a account cards that tells experts they have entitlement to the price lower.Immediate major care practitioners often end up tackling jobs they could not at a fee-for-service practice, in part to save lots of individuals money. Continue reading

. Among the problems for the Teen laboratory is isolating gut stem cells in human beings and gathering them in sufficient quantities for transplantation. One UK laboratory has developed way to make this easier via regular endoscopies, starting the true way to future patient-derived stem cell remedies. Even though a stem cell therapy for human beings with gut motility disorders is probable still years apart, this scholarly research can be an exciting revolution happening toward that objective, Dr Stamp stated.. Continue reading

Triple negative continues to be the most demanding type of breasts cancer to take care of and will show more characteristics possessed by tumor stem cells than various other breasts cancer subtypes. Viable treatment plans for mind metastases remain an unmet want, stated Hong Zhao, M.D., Ph.D., associate teacher of systems medication and bioengineering at Houston Methodist Study Institute and co-corresponding writer. Since edelfosine has already been FDA-approved, you want to try to move this substance into a stage II clinical research for metastatic mind cancer within the next couple of years. Continue reading

Without sturdy cost accounting, suppliers can battle to negotiate risk-based agreements and identify the very best options for cultivating worth successfully. How do it choose the right degree of risk to attempt? Next: Difficulties and where you can go from hereThe issues with obtaining a handle about costs Recognizing the necessity for price accounting is merely the first rung on the ladder. Health care businesses must function to reliably and frequently gain access to data that may inform the price accounting procedure. Continue reading

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For sufferers who got an MRI but didn’t need one, which doctor they visited mattered a lot more than the damage or sign that that they had. With people even more on the connect for the expenses of their caution, it’s increasingly very important to physicians to provide financially responsible caution. Uncomplicated back suffering and easy headaches are two of the very most common factors patients with medical health insurance received low-value, or unneeded, imaging such as for example X-rays, computed tomography , or magnetic resonance imaging . Earlier studies show that this sort of wasteful caution may take into account up to one-third of most medical expenditures. Furthermore, low-value solutions can cause downstream cascades of unneeded care and scientific harm, stated Dr. Continue reading

Follow Healthcare Financing on Tweets and LinkedIn. Healthcare is one of the last huge sectors from the overall economy to get a network, also to monitor its costs. The investment promotes greater access and care convenience to retain members, Marino said.?.. To control costs, integrate physicians, panel says The best solution to attract and keep consumers is to construct usage of points of care through the entire organization, from a hospital’s retail clinic to physician offices, primary care and medical specialists, experts at HFMA 2015 ANI say.ORLANDO – – To reduce financial risk in the change from fee-for-service to getting pay-for-value, providers have to track the expense of treatment through clinical integration, according to health care consultants who spoke through the Healthcare Financial Administration Association 2015 Annual Institute meeting on Monday. Continue reading

That is an empowering device that assists them take action positive when confronted with a very unfavorable event. Developing the franchise Since its establishment five years back, the MSHOP curriculum is currently offered in a lot more than 20 hospitals and 30 practices across Michigan. Despite a lot of positive responses and proof prehab’s benefits, the practice has a sliver-about 1 simply,250 patients-of the 65,000 surgeries performed annually at Michigan Medication. Issue about logistics and wider implementation remain among doctors also. First, we hear that everyone feels it seems sensible for their sufferers, says Englesbe. Continue reading