The Chaz Lodge is surrounded by endless miles of sawgrass marsh, towering palms, mature cedars and a pristine spring-fed river with access to the Gulf. Not only is this a beautiful place to just get away to enjoy the peace and quiet, it’s a hunting and fishing lodge and puts you up close with nature. We make it easy to explore and you can really get to know the area. Historic scenic river eco-tours, kayaking, canoeing, group parties and on-site weddings are also available.

Lodge Lodge


Chassahowitzka Lodge

The Chaz Lodge is located three miles into the beautiful Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge. It places you right in the middle of one of the most pristine environments on the Nature Coast. Take a look at some videos from Chassahowitzka. Our lodge can accommodate groups as large as 50 people and sleep 12 people overnight. We feature an on-site shooting range, gourmet prepared meals, indoor meeting areas and outdoor decks for viewing the sunrise and sunset. Read more about facilities at Chaz Lodge or call us.

Lodge Lodge


Chaz Lodge

Chassahowitzka Fishing

Custom-designed boats and years of experience enable you to enjoy numerous fishing opportunities on the Chassahowitzka River flats and the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Professional fishing guides will navigate through the shallow waters of the Chassahowitzka River to find redfish, trout, tarpon, snook, sheepshead, grouper and bass. View more information about Chassahowitzka fishing.

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Chassahowitzka Hunting

Deer, wild hog, turkey and waterfowl top our guest’s lists for hunting pleasure. View more information about Chassahowitzka hunting.

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Contact us or complete the online reservation form for reservations or to get more information. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to talking with you about your next Chassahowitzka adventure.

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